Front-End Developer and Designer in Auckland, New Zealand

Hello, I’m Jason. I'm a Front-End Developer and Designer focused on making great websites and design-systems.

I'm a big fan of using modern JavaScript tools for websites and webapps, and I'm currently learning to use tools like TypeScript, Prisma, Postgres and Hasura. When working with these tools I do my best to follow best practices in accessibility, performance, responsiveness, and security.

Website Projects

Kind words from past colleagues

Jason has a creative but practical out of the box way of thinking and to top it off, a relaxed demeanor that makes you naturally feel at ease around him.

Dini Paranagama
Digital Product Manager at IAG Insurance, NZ, LinkedIn

When I think about Jason I think of his wealth of knowledge and intellect.

He automatically creates a safe space to share, learn and collaborate; inviting others opinions before his own, Jason actively asks questions to understand the ‘why’ and seeks to see things from a different perspective.

Jason has a creative yet pragmatic approach & you can rely on him to stand up for what’s right.

Natalie van Baarlen
Customer Experience Design Lead at IAG Insurance, NZ, LinkedIn